Thursday, December 26, 2013

The day after Christmas... prison, from My Road Home:

Wednesday Dec 26th

The majority of the facility is closed until after the New Year. Fire and Safety is open however, and I'm grateful for that. I go to the office at my usual time, 8:00 (although this morning Chief R. called for me an hour earlier) and take care of whatever needs to be done. Before you know it's 11:00 and time to go back to the dorm for the count. Pretty much everyone else isn't working but instead just hanging out which makes for a very long day. I work in the afternoon as well.

I find that when inmates are cooped up like that, playing cards (gambling for stamps) and such, tensions are much more likely to reach a breaking point. It wouldn't shock me at all to see a fight erupt at some point during the next week or so.

I've been saying for some time now the two hardest days will be Thanksgiving and Christmas, and they were. But you know what? I'm proud to say I faced them and got through them! I now await and pray for happier times in '08.

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