Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day in prison...

...from My Road Home:

Tuesday Dec 25th

Christmas day! Earlier this morning, I overheard this exchange that I think best sums up the day. One of the new guys in the dorm went up to a 22-year veteran (in for murder) and asked, "How do you handle being in prison on Christmas?" He answered, "You can end up in the box just as easily today, as you can any other day."

If you take away the roast beef that was served for lunch, it truly is like any other day. And that's the way I approached it as well. In speaking with the boys mid-morning, who were just about to attack the presents Santa left, I cut our conversation short as I knew my emotions were about to get the better of me. Once off the phone it was a day of reading, writing, listening to music and at the end of it all, praying to God that this will be my last Christmas at Mohawk.

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