Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kirsten Powers has a piece... the Daily Beast today, "Why the Screwed Generation is Turning to Paul Ryan," with the subtitle, "Boomers don't want to give up their sweet deal, but the rest of us have reason to embrace Ryan's 'radical' plans."

Say what?

Really. Powers writes:

We were the first generation to be told we would never get Social Security or Medicare even though we would be forced to pay into these programs.

Ye-e-e-ah ... And that's exactly what Ryan is proposing: have those under the age of 55 pay for Medicare for those over the age of 55. Then, those under the age of 55 can take a government voucher, which is designed not to keep up with the cost of health insurance, and go into the private market and try to buy a policy that will cover them even when they get sick.

And Ms. Powers is saying that younger Americans like this arrangement?

Again, say what?

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