Sunday, August 12, 2012

A note to readers:

Last week I wrote a post that was intended to raise the subject -- in a roundabout way -- of recruiting in high school football (the subject of another post). Admittedly, it was a clumsy effort and I may have inadvertently stepped on some toes. Fortunately, a reader wrote in to set the record straight.

Sometimes, when writing about high school football, I forget that I'm writing about teenagers (and their families). My intent in writing this blog was never to be negative; it's just to share the rantings thoughts of a boring old white guy. If I ever sound critical of a particular team or coach, it's out of respect. When I challenge some of the best programs in the state to improve their schedules, it's because I expect a lot out of them (as we all should). And I certainly hope to avoid criticizing schools that have trouble fielding competitive teams.

The Illinois high school football season starts in less than two weeks. I expect to miss the first two weekends due to family obligations. But I hope to cover the rest of the season in a positive way.

Thanks for reading.

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