Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here are the Top Ten teams...

...in Illinois high school football, according to the three main rankings. (All teams are undefeated unless otherwise noted.)


1. Bolingbrook
2. Prairie Ridge
3. Rockford Boylan
4. Loyola
5. Glenbard West
6. Montini
7. Wheaton North
8. Lincoln-Way East
9. Aurora Christian
10. Batavia

Chicago Sun-Times:

1. Maine South
2. Bolingbrook
3. Glenbard West
4. Mount Carmel
5. Loyola
6. Wheaton Warrenville South (0-1)
7. Montini
8. Marist
9. Stevenson
10. Wheaton North

Chicago Tribune:

1. Bolingbrook
2. Maine South
3. Mount Carmel
4. Loyola
5. Glenbard West
6. Marist
7. Montini
8. Wheaton Warrenville South (0-1)
9. Lincoln-Way East
10. Wheaton North

Why did I list only ten? Why not? (Easier to focus.)

There are only five teams common to all rankings: Bolingbrook, Loyola, Glenbard West, Montini and Wheaton North.

How would I rank them? I'm not sure; but for starters, I'd certainly have Bolingbrook at the top. Last year's 8A champs are No. 1 until proven otherwise. (I think the Sun-Times is just being difficult.)

Prairie Ridge, Loyola, Montini, Mount Carmel, Aurora Christian (?), Maine South, Stevenson and possibly Marist may be all a tad overrated in one poll or another.

But Rockford Boylan, Glenbard West, Wheaton North, Lincoln-Way East, Batavia and Wheaton Warrenville South are all somewhat fairly ranked.

As I mentioned last week, rankings this early in the season are probably meaningless. But they're fun to talk about.

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