Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Here's my Donald Trump...

...Question of the Day, in the wake of the Comey firing:

Is the president covering up his embarrassment that he didn't realize so many of his associates were connected to Russia, or is he just guilty as hell?

Seriously, I don't know the answer.

On the one hand, maybe Paul Manafort was one of the only people available with the expertise to take over the Trump campaign, but because of his shady ties no other Republican would touch him and Trump either didn't know or didn't care. (Or didn't want to know.)

(I could kinda, sorta believe something similar about Chris Christie and "Bridgegate": Don't tell the boss what he doesn't need to know so that he can claim ignorance if you get caught. "I'm shocked -- shocked -- to find that gambling is going on in here!")

Same with Carter Page, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn (and whoever else): maybe they concealed their involvement with Russia and now Trump is too ashamed to admit they pulled one over on the "savvy business tycoon."

Or am I just thinking too much?

If Trump isn't guilty of something he sure is acting like someone who is. With his history of business dealings with Russia maybe that's the most likely answer. Who knows? But one thing I'm certain of is that the truth will eventually come out. Is Trump really so naive as to think otherwise? (Maybe; after all, he admits now that he thought being president would be easier. Again, I have to ask the question: could a man like Trump, a billionaire, be this naive? Or am I the naive one.)

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