Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Big news for followers...

...of the race for the Republican nomination for president -- Marco Rubio has overtaken Jeb Bush for the lead on Paddy Power!

Only yesterday, Mike Murphy, the head of Jeb Bush's super-PAC Right to Rise, cautioned everyone to watch the betting markets. In an interview with Bloomberg Murphy said (my emphasis):

And if you look at the prediction markets overseas, which are kind of interesting, because that's the one place real money's involved, we constantly rank number one. The smart money's figured this out. 

Today for the first time Jeb is no longer in the lead:

Marco Rubio 2/1
Jeb Bush 5/2
Donald Trump 10/3

My only question now is about that $114 million in Right to Rise: Is the money pledged or have the checks been cashed? It makes a difference, doesn't it? If the money has only been pledged, then it would be easier for the .01 percent to bail on Jeb, right?

In other news, Hillary still leads in the general.

P. S. Murphy must feel desperate to do an interview like that at this time. Also, he sounds hopelessly old-fashioned and out of touch. Remember, generals always fight the last war.

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