Monday, October 12, 2015

After watching the Marathon...

...for about an hour yesterday morning (that's mile 18, above, on Taylor Street in my neighborhood -- I couldn't get enough of it!), my son and I took a long walk, from the LaSalle Street Blue Line stop to the Granville Red Line. (According to Google that's almost nine miles, although I'd bet it was closer to ten with all the twists and turns we took.)

It was a beautiful day in Chicago -- gorgeous, actually -- with temperatures in the mid to high seventies and sunny. (As you can see, it was also a good day for taking pictures of old signs.)

We started up La Salle Street, aka "Money Canyon," and I figured we'd get about as far as North Avenue before we stopped to eat lunch and head back.

But no. We crossed North and just kept going. We walked through Lincoln Park Zoo and up past all those cool high-rise condo buildings along Lakeview Avenue and Sheridan Road. (I'd kill to get a look inside one of those.) 

I kept asking my son to let me know when he wanted to stop, and we finally agreed to turn left on Irving Park Road and head for Byron's, the first place I ever ate in the city almost 35 years ago.

Fortified by a couple of Vienna hot dogs, fries and drinks (a root beer for me and a Mountain Dew for my son), we felt newly energized and decided to press on. (There's very little a Vienna hot dog can't fix.)

It was actually my son's idea to continue walking, but I was thrilled. After all these years I finally have a walking buddy!

We turned up Clark Street, through Uptown, and into Andersonville (boy, has that neighborhood changed!) before we cried "Uncle!" and turned east to the Granville el stop, just south of Loyola University in Rogers Park.

The whole trek took about five hours or so from start to finish (including the el rides), and we felt satisfied that we had made the best of one of the last nice days of the year.


Ed Crotty said...

have I got an outing for you - This Saturday and/or Sunday.

"The Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Open House Chicago is a free public festival that offers behind-the-scenes access to 200 buildings across Chicago."

Last year, my bride and I visited an urban garden ( GROWING POWER'S IRON STREET FARM -
3333 S. IRON ST. ) as well as Historic Pullman ( and the adjacent Argus Brewery! ). We used to live in the Brewster ( 2800 N Pine Grove ) and visited the BPOE memorial when the coal tunnels were flooded, and that is how we go interested in architecture. Highly recommended is a tour of the Lyon and Healy Harp factory at 168 N Ogden - tours every day at noon. ( not architectural, but whatever )

Not sure where we will go this year - Ignite Glass ( 400 N Armour ) is a probable because my recently passed away father-in-law was a glass art lover. The Plant (1400 W. 46th St. ) looks interesting. Althetic club hotel looks very cool but is open every day. We went to the roof at the Virgin Hotel a few weeks ago ( very cool ).

Mike Tracy said...

Thanks for the tip! A buddy of mine told me about that but I didn't realize it was this weekend.