Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bert Metzger is still...

...being talked about in Chicago. From last week's Tribune:

(19)29. First year Loyola graduate Bert Metzger won a national championship as an offensive guard at Notre Dame. The College Football HOFer weighed 152 pounds, diminutive enough to earn the nickname "watch-charm guard." He was named an All-American in 1930 — Knute Rockne’s last season — as the Irish won another national title.

My brother Jim, who played for Loyola Academy with Metzger's son John in the 1965 Prep Bowl, writes:

John always told the story about how he got to start. They had a bull in the ring drill, and Bert broke the nose of the coach. That got him the attention he needed to get to play.

For more on Metzger, click here.

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