Wednesday, August 13, 2014

As someone who has evolved...

...into a (liberal) Democrat in middle age (who woulda thunk it?), I found myself "Ready for Hillary" just a few months ago. I figured that the future 45th president would -- at the very least -- consolidate the considerable gains made in this country under President Obama. I even wrote a post recently comparing her to Theodore Roosevelt. (Hoo, boy!)

But now, suddenly, as Mrs. Clinton's disastrous roll-out for 2016 gets even more disastrous by the day, I find myself thinking as Bill Maher did recently on his show (my emphasis):

Just go away. Go away for a while. We're going to see each other in a couple of years. A lot. Just go away. Because otherwise, you're going to blow this.

At the rate this is going, the only reason left to support Hillary Clinton will be that she's leading every Republican in the polls. It's a little discouraging to think that her best qualification for the highest office in the land may be only that she'll keep the barbarians at the gate.

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