Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lorenzo Semple, the creator...

...of the 1960s television series Batman, died at age 91. In his own words:

“From the very beginning, Bill Dozier and I had seen millionaire Bruce Wayne and his Bat regalia as classy comedy, hopefully appealing to kids as an absurdly jolly action piece and to grown-ups for its deadpan satire, entirely nonfraught with psychological issues,” Mr. Semple wrote in the Variety piece. “I mean, golly gee, how else can one view a character who enters a nightclub in full Bat garb and mask, accompanied by a gorgeous chick, and when greeted by the maître d’ with an obsequious ‘Good evening, Batman! A table for two?’ gravely replies, ‘Yes, thank you. But please, not too near the music. I wouldn’t want to appear conspicuous.’ ”

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