Friday, April 26, 2013

Remember the last time...

...the United States got involved in another country's civil war? (It didn't end well.)

From the lead story in the Times today, "White House Says It Believes Syria Has Used Chemical Arms" (my emphasis):

The White House said Thursday that it believes the Syrian government has used chemical weapons in its civil war, an assessment that could test President Obama’s repeated warnings that such an attack could precipitate American intervention in Syria. 

That meticulously legal language did not disguise a thorny political and foreign policy problem for Mr. Obama: he has long resisted the calls to arm the Syrian rebels and has expressed deep doubts about the wisdom of intervening in an Arab nation so riven with sectarian strife, although he has also issued pointed warnings to Syria.

In a statement last summer, Mr. Obama did not offer a technical definition of his “red line” for taking action, but said it was when “we start seeing a whole bunch of weapons moving around or being utilized.” In Jerusalem last month, he said proof that Syria had used such weapons would be a “game changer” for American involvement. 

Don't look for a "game changer, "Mr. President. Look the other way. (Watch the NFL draft instead.) Or move that "red line" of yours. No one will mind. Do anything; just don't get the U. S. involved in another civil war. After Iraq and Afghanistan, the country doesn't have the stomach for it.

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