Thursday, April 4, 2013

A few weeks ago, after...

...the Illinois high school basketball season ended, I wrote about my wish hope daydream for a Simeon - Morgan Park rematch. (You can read the posts here and here.) I even resorted to pleading at the end of the second one:

How 'bout it, guys? For charity?

Last night, after Jabari Parker's farewell performance in the McDonald's All-American game at the United Center, Mike Helfgot of the Tribune asked him:

...if the evening was bittersweet because it was his final high school game. He cryptically said no.

"I think I have another game," Parker said. "It is on the D.L. (down low) right now. It will surprise a lot of people."

Whaddya think, everybody, Simeon - Morgan Park? For charity?

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