Monday, December 10, 2012

Patrick Moore, an astronomer, television... host and author of popular science books, died at age 89. From his obit in the Times this morning:

With his trademark monocle, frumpy suits and penchant for playing the xylophone, Mr. Moore, who was knighted in 2001, was known as much for his outsize personality as his scientific work.

Let's talk about that monocle for a minute. 

Have you ever actually seen someone wear a monocle? I haven't. (Have I just led a sheltered life?) And what would that mean, to wear a monocle? That you have one bad eye and one perfectly good one? I've never heard of that. And how, exactly, would it work? Would you have to pinch it between your cheek and eyebrow all day? That sounds tiresome. Couldn't you just get a pair of glasses with one lens to correct for the bad eye and a clear one for the good eye?

Was Moore's monocle really necessary, or was it just part of his "schtick?" I wonder.

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