Thursday, December 6, 2012

My adult son got a job...

...recently (Yay!) where he got health insurance (Yay!) and my wife and I were able to drop him from our private policy (Yay!). Yesterday, we got a letter from our insurance company denying a claim (Boo!) because we had terminated our policy at the end of October.

I called the company and explained to some corporate bureaucrat a customer service rep that it was only our son that we no longer needed coverage for and that our premiums were fully paid up. He assured me that they'd fix everything.

Now tell me again, why is private health insurance considered preferable to Medicare?

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Ed Crotty said...

because of SOCIALISM!! Ha!

In America, when the rich get a break, it is to reward capitalism, and when everyone else gets a break, it is not allowed because of SOCIALISM.

Meanwhile, we pay nearly twice what other countries pay for health, yet are #51. (still #1 in incarceration)