Saturday, July 15, 2017

In the middle of this song...

...John Mellencamp tells the audience:

Every time something goes wrong in my life I always just dance. Something goes bad, I dance. I get in an argument, I dance. I see the government doing something I don't want them to do, I dance. You'd be surprised at how dancing can just dance your problems away . . . See, you don't have to be very good, you just gotta be able to do it . . . Let's all dance and let the problems of the world just kind of slip away for about five seconds if we can.

Boy, if it were only that easy.

First of all, I can't dance very well. (Think Elaine from Seinfeld.) It's not my fault, though. Not only am I white, but Irish too. Double whammy.

So, as I alluded in my last post, when the news is this depressing, I'll just listen to music instead. (What could I possibly write about Trump that hasn't already been said?)

P. S. I especially like the violin in that video; it really makes the song for me. The woman's name, I think, is Miriam Sturm.

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