Thursday, April 13, 2017

This may very well be... second-favorite picture of the weekend. That's my son and I comparing wedding rings. (My son has a wedding ring!)

Now you'd be forgiven if you thought we were comparing manicures instead. After all, we went out the day before with my other son and the father of the bride for our first-ever (and possibly last) pedicure. That's right -- pedicure. Whose idea was it? Well, my new daughter-in-law's of course. (On the drive over her father said, "Couldn't we just say we did this and go to a bar instead?") Why did she schedule it for us? I don't know; maybe because we don't play golf and she thought we needed some sort of male "bonding" experience on the afternoon of the rehearsal dinner. Did we enjoy it? I'd say the reviews were mixed. But I do know that all the women at the Polka Dot Nails Spa and Waxing in Thousand Oaks, California got a big kick out of seeing four grown men getting pampered on a Friday afternoon. (Were they laughing with us, or at us? No matter.) At one point I think one of us -- okay, it was me -- asked the crowd, "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen four guys get their nails done? We're here every Friday!"

But next time I think I'll bring Frank Costanza with me.

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