Monday, July 27, 2015

Yasuo Minagawa, a famous...

...artist, died at age 69.

Whoops! My bad. A closer reading of Mr. Minagawa's obit in the Times reveals him to be an art framer, not an actual artist. Sorry.

But apparently he was quite accomplished (my emphasis):

Despite having had no formal training in frame-making, Mr. Minagawa opened a framing shop, Minagawa Art Lines, in a storefront on Kenmare Street in Lower Manhattan in 1976. He had taught himself the rudiments of his craft by taking apart and reassembling old frames.

Paula Cooper, of the Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea, described Mr. Minagawa as “a great craftsman who had a great eye.” He once devised an elegant solution for hanging a drawing by Robert Wilson that was so large it could not be framed, she said, by creating a very thin rod using paper and attaching it to the drawing’s back.

And if that's not enough to earn an obituary in the New York Times, Mr. Minagawa also studied law at the University of Tokyo and won a national competition in high-diving when he was 60.

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