Friday, July 3, 2015

Charls Walker, a Treasury...

...official and business lobbyist, died at age 91.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Hey, you spelled "Charles" wrong! It's supposed to have an "e" in it. Don't you have spell check?

According to his obit in the Times, Walker's mother "dropped the 'e' from his name so he would not be known as Charlie." 

You don't suppose that ever caused any confusion, do you? I mean, do you think anyone ever misspelled his name? Do you think anyone ever spelled it correctly?

But did it at least work? Did Walker escape the terrible fate of being known as "Charlie"? Not really. The obit goes on to say, "He freely went by Charly."

All that work for nothing!

Oh, well, you're probably thinking, at least he didn't name his own son "Charls."

But among his survivors, the obit lists a son, "Charls Jr."

What about Walker's wife?, you might ask. Did she at least have a normal name?

You tell me. Her name was "Harmolyn."

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