Thursday, June 25, 2015

What did the two...

...New York fugitives think their lives would be like once they escaped from prison? Did each one expect to lead a quiet middle-class existence with a job and a nice apartment somewhere? And how do you get hired without at least some form of ID and a Social Security number?

"Tell me about your most recent position."

"I washed dishes in a prison cafeteria."

"You're just what we're looking for!"

Sign a lease on an apartment without a credit check of some sort?

"What was your previous address?"

"Clinton Correctional Facility."

"You can move in the first of the month."

I mean, seriously, how do these two even eat? Hasn't everyone who works in a grocery store or a restaurant in upstate New York seen pictures of them?

"Hey, Joe, see those two guys over at Millie's table? Don't they look like those escaped convicts?"

"Boy, you have quite an imagination. Now get back to work!"

Really, how have these two made it this far? It's been almost three weeks! And what did they imagine the future to look like?

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