Friday, June 12, 2015

Can you believe...

...there's already chatter about Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016?

And much of it surrounds 40-year-old, Hispanic secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former San Antonio mayor Julian Castro, above.

An article in Bloomberg this week, "Can Julian Castro Help Bring Out the Latino Vote for Hillary Clinton?," also mentioned Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as the other most often speculated-upon candidate for the second half of a prospective ticket.

Since it's early (both in the process and the day), allow me to throw my own suggestion out there: Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, above. He's another boring old white guy from a key swing state. And unlike Castro or Kaine, Brown is a bona fide liberal who could shore up Hillary's cred with that wing of the party. (Not to mention the Bernie Sanders, tousled-hair wing.)

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