Monday, August 7, 2017

A few thoughts on a random...

...Monday morning about blogging, Twitter, high school football, New Yorker cartoons and whatever else happens to cross my mind. (The first of which is that that isn't even a complete sentence. Whatever.)

In case you haven't noticed, I've been blogging quite a bit less lately. Is it writer's block, bloggers' burnout (a term I just invented) after eight years at the keyboard, Trump fatigue (how is anyone supposed to keep up with the constant stream of outrageous news nowadays?), or is it something else?

And I'm guessing it's the last one. (Mostly.) Like a lot of people, I think, I've been quietly migrating to Twitter. Where in the past I may have read a good piece and written a blog post in reference to it, I now either quote key sentences of it on Twitter or make my comments while linking to the piece. It's probably not necessary to write an entire post around one central idea so I think I've been Tweeting my thoughts instead of blogging them.

While I'll still try to post my Names of the Day and recognize noteworthy obituaries, I really and truly believe the cartoons in the New Yorker just haven't been that good lately. It's not like I've forgotten them; I still look at them every Monday -- they're just not that funny and therefore not worth posting.

And then there's high school football. I've got my eye on that Maine South at Glenbard West matchup on opening weekend in three weeks, but I think I'm going to consider myself at least semi-retired on the subject. Friday nights are too hard for me to drive all over to see a game, and, frankly, I think I may have just gotten the whole thing out of my system (watching it and writing about it). We'll see.

So while I'm not ending this blog by any means (this is no Andrew Sullivanesque statement!), I think I have to acknowledge that I'm writing less and will probably continue writing less in the future. As I alluded in the second paragraph, eight years is a pretty good run. Thanks for reading!

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