Thursday, March 2, 2017

Could we please stop doing this?

Could we please stop exploiting the grief of survivors of our military casualties for political gain? Isn't it enough that this young mother lost her husband? Does she really have to be a prop in President Trump's speech to the nation?

I know Trump didn't invent this practice. (Although he did put his own vulgar Trumpian spin on it: the crowd size- and ratings-obsessed president had to point out the "record" length of Ryan's ovation. As if that should somehow comfort his widow. Sheesh!)

And I know that both Republican and Democratic presidents (even my hero, Barack Obama) did this. But could we please just stop? Of the last six presidents, only George H. W. Bush really "served" in the military. So isn't it just a little hypocritical -- and cynical -- to exploit the memory of our war dead by those who sent people into harm's way but couldn't be bothered to go themselves?

I swear if I have to watch that poor woman one more time I'm going to vomit. For the love of God, leave her alone!

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