Tuesday, July 12, 2016

In case you missed...

...it yesterday, it looks like Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana (right) will be announced as Donald Trump's running mate sometime this week. (The GOP convention starts next Monday.)

Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia (left), meanwhile, is still the odds-on favorite to be Hillary's vice president.

Gov. Pence, a former Congressman, was once a right-wing radio host in Indiana and has been described as "Rush Limbaugh on decaf." I get why Trump would want him: he has Washington experience, is a "true conservative," would reassure the party establishment and could actually serve in the Oval Office if called upon. He's a great "get" for Trump.

Why Pence would want the job, though, is a bit of a mystery to me. The Donald is bound to get crushed in November; why would anyone with a future in Republican politics want to hitch their wagon to his star?

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