Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two good restaurants...

...I just went to are Sabatino's in Portage Park (what realtors now call "Old Irving") and Twin Anchors in Old Town (?). I had never been to Sabatino's before but was assured that it was an old-time Chicago Italian restaurant replete with lots of goodfellas and wiseguys. In fact, I told my two brothers not to be too surprised if one of the guys at the next table excused himself to go to the bathroom and returned with a gun and BA-DA-BING! blew his dinner partners' brains out all over his nice Ivy League suit. Actually, the crowd was quite tame (no gunfire while we were there) and the food was outstanding. We had to wait a little for our table but it was well worth it. Next time my brothers come in town we'll try Abruzzo's in Melrose Park. Maybe we'll see some dark shirts and white ties there.

As for Twin Anchors, it is always a safe bet, although we had to wait two hours on a Saturday night for a table (they don't take reservations). I've been there many times and of course we all had the ribs. If any readers out there know of better ribs in the Chicagoland area (and northwest Indiana) please let me know. I'm willing to entertain challengers.

I'd recommend both establishments, but remember to get to Twin Anchors early as there is almost always a crowd.

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